Hi, I'm Sandy Marshall

I help you using Memory Resolution Coaching and Training Programmes to support you so you can ditch your emotional baggage which you  carry around on your shoulders every day. This coaching technique will help you detach negative emotions from your memories freeing you to feel free to move on and be the best you can be.

And most importantly Memory Resolution works.

I have worked with hundreds of people using this technique and they are now able to live their lives without anxiety and the emotional baggage they were carrying around.

If you’re still feeling tired and worn out and stuff keeps getting in your way and stops you from moving on to being the best you can be? Memory Resolution is for you.

So do get in touch so we can work towards your bright new shiny future.

I work with clients across the world of Zoom or face to face

Sandy Marshall

Sandy is a fully qualified  Coach and an Accredited Trainer of NLP and Memory Resolution, one of only a 100 Accredited Trainers of Memory Resolution in the UK.