Why Coaching?

Coaching can help you to improve in many ways and it’s not a crisis intervention it’s not an alternative for advice from professionals such as a solicitor, accountant, doctor or counsellor. If things are basically good, but you know they could be a lot better and you’re ready for that to happen, that’s a great time for you to hire a coach.

If you find change difficult? Change can be challenging, even when it’s what you want. Whenever you go through a big change such as a new career, getting divorced or going through a restructure in your workplace, this is a great time to have someone who believes in you and who can help you make the most crucial choices as smoothly as possible.

Many people hire a coach because they know they are stuck and they know they are capable of more and they want to reach their full potential sooner, rather than later. Most people get great pleasure from stepping into their own personal dreams and seeing them come to fruition. Great coaches are experts at eliciting their clients’ personal greatness. A good coach won’t take you on unless they truly believe in you.

Are your memories holding you back? As we go through life we all have memories and our brains will hang onto the anger, sadness, fear and guilt we have built up over the years and to release these emotions will help you to move on the become the best you can be. This is the type of client I prefer to work with. I have many clients who have found that these emotions are holding them back and I help them to ditch the ‘baggage’.

Most people have a blind spot or two and neuroscientists say we are unconscious of 95% of what goes on in our brains. Think about that! A good coach can see you as you are, without judgment, and help you be your best and achieve what you’re here to do. 

 Who is coaching for?

 Coaching is for people who:

  • face a specific challenge or have a problem they want to solve
  • want to break down the thoughts and beliefs that have been holding them back
  • wish to work / perform more effectively and successfully
  • want to achieve a goal that they’ve been struggling with on their own
  • know they want more from life but aren’t sure how to get it
  • want to improve their relationships with themselves or others
  • are committed to change but need someone to show them how!

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